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Bought a Whirlpool washer and dryer 18 months ago from Lowes and at that time we purchased the extended warranty ($189.00). The washer has something in it that causes it to grind (coin maybe).

So we called thinking someone would come and take apart and repair. The warranty company sent a repairman and after observing said he could not take apart because it would default the warranty. They said we should have emptied our pockets and that it is our fault and not covered.

I thought that is what we take the warranty/insurance for? Never again will I purchase anything from Lowes or the extended warranty.

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bottom line, wash your keys in the toilet like anybody with half a brain.


Ms. Right; You are the smartest of us all, Congrads to you.

me; There are a lot of things not covered under warranties but as a consumer if they want your business back they will work with you on a resolve. You need to just keep buying from Lowes and good luck to ya, I am sure they would never ***.

Josh; After my first post the washer is still in service and said they found a key or something. I do understand and read the warranty but I think that if you pay that much for the service I got from Lowes, Warranty, Whirlpool that someone should have went to bat. I would be more understanding if it was 5 years old.

I asked Whirlpool why would they design equipment that would even allow it to happen. Anyway for what its worth, I will never have any dealings with any of them.


I decided to go with Lowes to purchase my first washer/dryer. They were nice at the stores and sold me what they call "the best of the best".

I had the units for two weeks and could not understand why it was making so much noise. They said because I had the warranty I had to get service before I could get a new one. I didn't pay to have a repaired unit. I returned the products and went with a more TRUSTED company.

Sears delivered my new washer/dryer (and cheaper)and there was a tiny knick on the side but they offered me a gift card, and a one yr warranty!! I chose this instead of an exchange. I can deal with this small defect with this compensation! The delivery service was great!

When I questioned them about getting a damaged unit they were very apologetic, and offered to compensate me or do an exchange.

NO HASSEL!! I was excited to NOT have to buy an extended warranty and be forced to have a repaired unit!!


:cry lowes is not responable for your *** error. This would not be covered under an company (warranty).


First the extended warranty cost $159.97. Now the problem must be more than what you are saying.

The service tech will fix anything if they can, because they get paid no mater what. You might just have had a bad service tech, not Lowe's fault.

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