Phoenix, Arizona

about a month ago I ordered a Screen Tight Meadow in Natural Wood Screen Door. The door was 30 dollars more than Home Depot but I ordered from Lowes because the shipping claimed to be a week sooner.

Needless to say the door did not arrive in time and when it finally did (10 days later than they claimed) the screen was ripped. So they offered to replace the screen, that was now 11 days ago and they tell me is "should" arrive sometime next week.

Lesson learned - will NEVER shop at Lowes again, their attitude is so lax concerning customer care. This store sucks!

Monetary Loss: $209.

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They estimated the manufacturers time of delivery. The rip was caused during shipment.

When else "should" they tell you it would arrive.

Why again was this Lowes fault? Because they were not overly apologetic, because they didn't go to the manufacturer to pick up the screen and deliver it to you personally, because an employee was there during the whole shipping process to make sure there was no damage to the door...ugh


ALL ORDERS PLACE VIA RETAIL STORES THAT ARE SHIPPED TO STORE ARE ESTIMATED DATES FOR ARRIVAL NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. The rip is unfortunate but it does happen and generally by the people shipping the item so be PlSSED AT THEM.

I work for a competitor of Lowes, I do a bout 1-2 special orders a week and every time I'm sure to tell the guest that's it's an estimated date and it could be here quicker or take much longer.

I've placed orders that say it will be here in 7 days for it to take 21 days. We've even had orders for certain items that say 14 days to take 6 months to get in because of supply and demand.

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