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The true (unfortunately) story of the dishwasher nightmare.

Our dishwasher went out on 8/6, and we have a LOT of dishes, so life without a dishwasher just isn't going to happen in this house, so we ran straight out to get a new one. We know a couple of people who have Bosch's and like them, so we went to Lowe's to specifically find a Bosch. We get to the appliances and just as if God had presented us with a gift (we later learned this gift was Satan inspired and God would have had NOTHING to do with Lowe's OR Bosch, we were gravely mistaken)...there was a Bosch on clearance, AND there was an additional 10% off the clearance price for a "energy star" promotion. We immediately said "we'll take this one". The salesperson comes back and says the floor model is the only one left in stock. We have him check other stores in our area, turned out that particular floor model was the only one left in the entire Twin Cities area. The salesperson assures us that there are no risks in buying the floor model,that it came with the same warranty, etc that a new one did. It did have a few minor surface imperfections from being on display, so we asked if there would be an additional discount due to the imperfections. The answer was no, but like idiots, we trusted the Lowe's salesperson and took the floor model.

Get it home, install it and it doesn't work. This is a Saturday, so when I call for service, all I hear is "we're closed until Monday, call back then". Great. Call back Monday, and a repair tech comes out Tuesday. The tech determines that there is an issue with the door magnet/latch which is causing the dishwasher to not run, so he "fixes" it and leaves. I load it, hit "start", it starts and stops running immediately. I open and shut the door, same thing, starts and stops immediately.

I call the tech back to report it still isn't working, he advises that he will have to order a new magnet/latch and will get back to me to schedule another service call to install it when it is delivered. A week later of doing dishes by hand 3-4 times a day, he comes back to install the new latch/magnet. But it doesn't fix anything, and the dishwasher still doesn't run. He then calls the "repair tech specialists" at Bosch...and after TWO hours (seriously), they finally advise him to order a new inner door and "try" that.

The tech advises me that even though this is what they are suggesting, he is sure that will not fix the dishwasher, so I will wait another week for the inner door to be delivered, he will then come out and install it and I will still have a dishwasher that does not work.

I call Bosch, and my point was simple. I paid for a dishwasher that works, and I want a dishwasher that works. Lowe's has a 7 day return policy which prints out right on the receipt which states that for a period of 7 days they will accept the return of the dishwasher if there is a manufacturers defect. My 7 days were wasted waiting for a *** part which didn't fix it anyhow, and now I couldn't return it.

I asked Bosch to send me a replacement dishwasher, install it, and return the nightmare that I had bought. They refused. Talk about snotty customer service, I got a rep whose name was Desiree, snotty and rude is an understatement. To call her helpful would insult the very word. So, I asked to talk to her Supervisor whose name is Shannon, she was as bad if not worse than Desiree.

I explained the situation to the Supervisor, Shannon, who promised me she would have Desiree get ahold of the tech for a "diagnosis", and that she would need me to fax in my receipt which I did right after I called the tech. He told me he could send the diagnosis immediately, all he needed was for them to call and let him know who and where to send it to. So, when I faxed in my receipt I sent along a note advising that the service rep could send the diagnosis immediately, so they better not put it off until the end of the day and then tell me it could not get done that day, and that if I did not hear from them by 2 pm, I WOULD be calling back.

2 pm rolls around, no call, so I do call back. This time I get a rep whose name is Shirley. The one and only good thing there is to say about Bosch is Shirley. I asked her if the tech had been contacted, she looked at the records and said she could see that Desiree was supposed to have contacted the tech, but did not see that it had been done, so she asked if she could put me on hold and check with Desiree. She came back and advised that Desiree had not contacted the rep, but asked if she could put me on hold for a minute or two, and she would do it herself. I waited FOUR hours for Desiree to do it, she did not, but Shirley had it done within 3 minutes. Then I asked if the Supervisor, Shannon had received my faxed letter and receipt, once again she said it didn't show in the records, but if she could put me on hold, she would go check with Shannon. She promptly returned and advised that Shannon did get it, she just didn't bother posting it in the notes as she was supposed to (great example and work from a supervisor).

After a day of being on the phone with Bosch, the end result was that they would NOT replace my dishwasher, they would either buy it back, or they would continue to send service out until it was fixed (I'm almost 50 now, so I'm sure I'd be retirement age before THAT actually happened the way they were going, so I was NOT satisfied with that answer). Shannon proceeded to *** me out (yes, seriously *** me out) and tell me "I should have know better than buying a floor model, why didn't I buy an extended warranty, and the sales staff "must" have explained the floor model policy to me....I asked her WHAT policy that would have been, since the Lowe's sales staff told me that the warranty was exactly the same as a new one in a box. She went on about how much below retail the dishwasher was, and I explained to her that I DID NOT PAY ONE DIME LESS THAN ANY OTHER LOWE'S CUSTOMER WHO GOT A BRAND NEW ONE IN THE BOX. She didn't have the intellectual capacity to process what I was telling her, no big surprise to me after having dealt with her for the entire day.

She tells me she went to "upper management" and Bosch will do nothing, I should call Lowe's.

I started at the bottom at Bosch, so I decided to save myself a few headaches and start at the TOP with Lowe's, so I call Corporate Headquarters first. I get a very nice person who takes my complaint, name and number and assures me that I will get a call back within 24 hours. The nexf day, it's almost 5 here (CST), still no call, so I try calling Lowe's back only to realize they are EST and already closed. I call the next day, explain that I was promised someone would call the day before, but no one called. Again, I am told that I will get a call within 24 hours, the rep told me that the complaint had been escalated to "a high enough level" that he guarantees me I will get a call back within 24 hours. The next day, still no call, but I call them back before they close.

I get a customer service specialist whose name is Kayla, and I explain to Kayla that two days in a row I get lied to and told someone will call me back, no one calls me back that I am just pissed off beyond belief and I want Lowe's to send a truck out, get this piece of *** out of my house and I will NEVER shop at Lowe's or buy a Bosch again.

She needs to talk to upper management, she honestly puts me on hold for a minimum of 25 minutes (NOT exaggerating!!) Finally, she comes back and asks if I don't want a replacement dishwasher. WELL, HELLO.......I tell her I've spent the last two days on the phone with Bosch and Lowe's and that is all I've EVER wanted or asked for, just a *** dishwasher that works, since I certainly paid for a dishwasher that works. She advises that she will send a communication to the store where I bought it and get me a new one, I explain it was a clearance, I don't think there are any left, so she advises that they will just replace it with a comparable model.

I tell her I've already been doing dishes by hand for 2 weeks now, I want one NOW, can I call the store manager myself and arrange it? She says sure, she gives me their number and the managers name. I call, ask for the manager on duty and get Carrie. I explain the situation to Carrie, we bought a floor model because the dishwasher was on clearance, and the rest were all sold out, can't get it fixed and am sick of waiting. Carrie says bring it in and she will replace it with a comparable model.

Load it up (we live 15 miles one way from the store) and bring it to the store. When we get there, I have Carrie called up front. now she informs me that she "changed her mind", she "made a mistake and didn't realize it was a clearance model"....hmmmm.....I TOLD HER IT WAS A CLEARANCE MODEL WHEN I CALLED HER, how could she not "realize" it??????

She refused to upgrade, she was a junior manager, she called the senior manager, still the answer was too bad, won't do. I said "let me get this straight, Kayla at your corporate office says you will give me a comparable model if I bring this in, YOU told me you'd give me a comparable model if I bring this in, so I put it in the truck, bring it in and now you're telling me you lied to me and you won't".

She still refused, so by now I was pushed as far as I was going to be pushed, I very loudly and rudely told her to give me my f*ing money back RIGHT now, she did, and I walked out of Lowe's for the last time. If Bosch were the only dishwasher left on earth, I would do dishes by hand and if Lowe's were the last home improvement (that's a joke)store on earth, I still would never go there.

My advice......shop at Sears, we always have, this was our first, and definitely LAST time we'll ever shop for appliances at Lowe's. Sears stands behind what they sell, if I had just gone to Sears like we have our whole lives there is no way this would have turned out the way it did. I realize the moral of the story is that I was *** enough to shop at Lowe's and *** enough to buy a Bosch......but it won't happen again, that much is for sure.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I bought a fridge from Lowes about 5 years ago and the installer kinked the water line so "it wouldn't drip" while installing it even though I told him that the water was turned off. Long story short-water line broke due to being kinked, water ruined hardwood floor; Lowes refunded cost of floor.

Bought a Bosch dishwasher from Lowes and was told that the installation was free. Found out later it wasn't. After 3 years it went out. The diagnosis was the water pump.

Got a free dishwasher from a friend that was remodeling and after 2 years the same thing happened-we have extremely hard water in our area. Went last week and bought another Bosch dishwasher from Lowes and a water softener.

Our Kitchenaid dishwasher never did work as well as our Bosch. Oh, and we are installing this one ourselves.


After reading your detailed account I am sure that if all this had happened to me I would have been too upset to write all this as well as you did. Eight years ago I bought a whirlpool dishwasher at Sears. Have not had a moment of trouble and love it.


Unfortunately you're not alone. I bought a Bosch dishwasher in Feb.

2017 , color : white,

On Feb 22 handyman sent by Lowes installed a black Bosch dishwasher.OOOPS.'

He stated that's what he got at Lowe's

Never mind that ALL my other appliances are WHITE.

He came back Feb. 23 with a white dishwasher.

The appliance clerk promised me 10 percent off purchase price for my inconvenience. I waited... nothing.

When I contacted Lowes they gave me run around. Nobody knew anything. Okay I thought, let it go. They made a mistake by sending me a black dishwasher but they fixed the problem.

Although having the installer coming to my house inconvenienced me I thought we all make mistakes sometimes. However the clerk should not have told me I'd get 10 % off. Then I submitted for installation rebate with BoschLowes. Got letter from rebate center that I did not show purchase of qualified model.

It does however expressly stated on my receipt that this model qualifies for rebate for installation cost. Again phone call to the 800 # where I was on the endless *** loop telling me to follow instruction on their letter, which I already had done. Went Lowe's in New Hartford NY where I had purchased dishwasher. Talked to one customer rep who read instructions back to me but could answer when I pointed out that it stated clearly on receipt that model qualified for free installation.

Ditto for the appliance rep I talked to next. If this matter isn't resolved to my satisfaction within a week, I will contact the BBB and never purchase a Bosch appliance / buy anything from LOWES again.


30 day return policy, no questions asked in my Lowe's store. Clearance item or not. Have never had a problem with a return


I've has the same sort of run-around with Sears. I think it is just the luck of the draw,


It sounds and like we have lived through nearly the exact same nightmare that you have with Lowe's! We were sold a Floor Model that supposedly had everything and was working.

It was not. Finally, the repair technician spilled the beans; he had worked on this very dishwasher previous to our having bought it.

It was a RETURNED dishwasher!


I had a similar experience. I wanted top of the line, Bosch looked like a fit. Worked 3 cycles, then quit. The local service wouldn't come for a week, so I said to myself that I'm simply better off returning the washer to Lowe's, getting my money back and going to Sears. The dishwasher from Sears has never stopped working like a dream.

PS - After the purchase and subsequent failure of the Bosch dishwasher from Lowe's, I Googled the make and model and, while otherwise being built pretty well, the chronic weak point is the control panel circuitry which apparently Bosch refuses to part with. Requires soldering in a replacement circuit board by a professional.

Lots of complaints online.


Lady, I hope you don't kiss your husband or children with that mouth.


do some dishes by hand, retailer4life.


Lmfao! That's all you got from that whole long story! Lolololol ffs


First of all, the reason I included the fact that I did in fact drop the f bomb was for 2 reasons.

First, it was UNCALLED for on my part, and I completely acknowledge that.

Second, I didn't want to leave out any part of what happened, including my own inexcusable choice of words and behavior.

I included names of the people I talked to, there is nothing false about this. The corporate office AND the store manager both told me they would make things right and give me a comparable model if I brought in the defective one.

Then I get there, only to find out they lied. How happy would YOU be? We did a major remodel last year, I insisted that I would purchase all the items myself instead of the contractor doing it, I went to Lowe's for 90% of the materials and items. Until this, I really liked Lowe's.

Now, I wouldn't waste my time pulling in their parking lot, and I will warn everyone I know of what Lowe's idea of "customer service" is.

It's good that you have loyalty to your employer, though, our opinions are just worlds apart. Best of luck to you with your career.


Don't beat yourself up....I had a hard time not using some graphic language myself.


I often wonder in situations like this if we are indeed hearing ALL of the story here, as myself and anyone else who works for Lowe's knows how liberal our return policy is whether it is legit or not. Methinks there is more to this story of Lowe's and Bosch than this customer is telling here. Perhaps her eloquent use of the lovely F-Bomb and other choice words of endearment?


I truly can honestly say that I have been on the recieving end of this very same type of dissatisfied customer scenario. Having been a Sears Appliance brand central manager and now selling appliances for Lowe's, I have seen both stores senior management take care of the customer in a situation like this.

I know we and any other Lowe's associate reading this post will agree that Lowe's is probably the most LIBERAL retailer out there when it comes to taking something back, be it clearance or not, and something must be going on for them to react the way they did.

Perhaps the eloquent use of profanity by this customer? Lady, an old saying is you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and methinks you dumped the whole bottle on the Lowe's store in question.


I am so sorry to hear of your rotten experience, but with the inferior customer service at Bosch, there is NO doubt in my mind that there are TONS of horror stories out there about their *** products. I'm with you, if I see the Bosch name on ANYTHING I will NOT so much as THINK about buying it, and I am not a shy girl, if I see anyone else looking at one while I happen to be in the store, I am going to tell them my horror story and strongly advise them to go home and research the term "Bosch complaints, Bosch makes inferior products, etc" BEFORE they make a decision they WILL regret.


I should have read your comment before I bought my Bosch dishwasher in Feb. 2017.


Sounds about like my experience with bosch dishwashers. only my bosch dishwasher flooded my house in the middle of the night, two stories.

after getting the runaround for a year from bosch, they offered me half of the price i paid for the stinking dishwasher. so i paid $1,000 for a top of the line dishwasher that floods my house and gives me grief for months and months, and they offer me $400 and change. and the tech who did the diagnosis said it was their product's fault, period. this is the dishwasher with the patented anti-flooding feature.


the worst customer service in the world. never buy bosch anything.