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Applied for job @ lowes. Had interview scheduled for 9 a.m.

Friday. Got phone call today at noon to reschedule for 2:30 p.m tomorrow. Informed HR rep that I couldn't make it because I have to go into work @ that time. She tells me she isnt coming in till 12 so its either at that time or sometime next week.

I said fine make it for next week. She says I'll call u back with new time. Later in afternoon get email saying thanks for your interest but regretfully we are selecting other candidates. Well if thats the way they are going to act the they can all go to ***.

Don't want to work for them now. I'm being responsible for showing up at my current job and getting penalized by another company for it. I was just looking for some extra cash. Screw them.

Can imagine how they treat employees.

Actually spoke to some former ones and was told that they quit because company dont treat them right. I now see its true.

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Lowe's obviously has a bad employee conducting the hiring interviews. At least, one that does not take her job seriously. Perhaps she is more concerned with her hair styling appointment or the kid's babysitter, or her upcoming "personal day." In any event, now you have an idea of how and why a large organization can be so messed up.

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