Reston, Virginia

Everyone on this site seems to be a Yank. It just aggravtes me to have to go out in public and listen to the whinning and complaining.

Use a little patients and don't expect everyone to know exactly what you do. We all learn something new everyday. So keep your jerkness at home.

We know the dog wouldn't play with you up home and maybe you should go back and try again. It's all been messed up where you came from, that's why you're here, and now it's fastly becoming more and more intolerable here.

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u got to b management


How about before we criticize others, we learn basic spelling...or at least utilize our spell-check feature...? Sorry, just another pet peeve I have with others who take joy in putting other people down.


:cry Seems to me that you are the one whining now. In addition, *** "patients" in this context is spelled "patience".

There was a reason we won the war and you prove it everyday. :grin :roll

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