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I went to Lowe's to purchase color stain, poly, and all the tools to go with it. I am using the colored stain in the interior of my home and wanted help chosing a product.

I went to the paint counter and the man said to me," you can get help from that man down the isle." I went down the isle and the man said there are colors on the wall and walked away before I could explain. He disappeared!! So once again I asked the not busy man behind the paint counter and he said," can have the other man paged to help you?" while he sweapt the floor behind the counter" I then saw the other man off in the distance and asked him about polys, he says you can choose from what there. DAH I want your help, while he stood there sorting stuff in a carriage.

He gives me a look, I said I would like some help.

He just didn't want to help me. Home Depot would never do that.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Oh yes they would! Actually, ANY box store today gives the "Deer in the headlights" stare and the "I really don't want to help you" attitude.

Just out of couriosity, were these "ASSociates" young people. or older? That too, will often make a tremendous difference.

I work for Lowe's myself, and I see this same attitudes anong virtually all of the younger workers, whereas most of us older workers do care, and take the time to assist the customer to the best of our ability. But again, I am witness and victim of, this SAME attitude in just about ANY store I shop at nowadays.

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