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Still waiting on Corp. To return call on follow up on mistreatment on phone conversation, stating on 3rd.

Call for Refrig.

Due to poor troubleshooting by a company having a young guy do a job without using tools& or volt meter etc...... Taking vendor side over customer telling me, have to pay for service call since been 3 times on same problems........

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Refrigerator Warranty.

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Lowes doesn't service appliances, they sell them. If the service occurs during the manufacturers warranty your complaint would be with the manufacturer.

If you purchased an extended service plan your complaint should be with the provider of the plan. Why do you blame the retailer for actions of another company?


Not entirely true, as Lowes is the provider of the extended protection plans.


No you are incorrect. Lowe’s only sells the plan.

The warranty itself is managed by a third party company. There are quite a few different warranty companies. Either way Lowe’s literally has nothing to do with the sale AFTER the sale. You are trying to cherry pick the responsible party based on YOUR incorrect assessment of the responsible party.

Basically you’re going after Lowe’s because YOU want the deep pockets. YOU want the store to handle your business instead of contacting the correct and responsible party. That’s moronic and lazy, which shouldn’t be surprising since you know you’re an American.

One of God’s special selfish and self entitled creatures. You screwed up trying to get the store to do the work for you and you just don’t have the character to admit that YOU WERE WRONG!