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I'm going to post what I wrote to them in my third email, followed by their only response. Sorry if it seems like a mad-lib, I just wanted to remove extraneous personal information:


Hi, this is the third note in three days I've sent on this subject. The first was sent yesterday from, and the second was from that and, but I have not had a response yet. Whether or not this gets through is an open question, but at this point I'm not really hopeful.

Three days ago, the belt on my washing machine went out. I remembered that I had a similar problem some time ago, and that the Service Protection Plus I purchased with my Maytag washing machine covered the problem. Unfortunately, when I contacted the store I purchased it from [store location] Lowe's, they could not find any record of it. When I purchased the plan, one of the selling points was the fact that Lowe's could look up my account on the computer at any store, and I would receive service as long as the plan continued, yet this time I was informed they would need a receipt and a date of purchase in order to look it up.

I am rather taken aback by that. When I worked in retail -- well before my purchase of a washing machine at Lowe's -- we could pull up anyone's order information from their name, address, phone number, or a scanned receipt, and we could reprint said receipt any time a customer asked for it. While my name isn't completely unique in the United States, my guess is there are relatively few [name]'s who purchased a Maytag Atlantis washing machine, model XXXXXXXX, S/N XXXXXXXXX, from the [location] Lowe's and who had service one time previously from [name of repair service], also in [location].

To be honest, I rarely get extended warranties (a term I know retailers hate), but my father thought it was an excellent idea, so I purchased it rather than argue with him. If Lowe's can't even pull up when the "Exclusive Service Protection Plus" was purchased, I can't imagine I'll have much use for it in the future, since I've already wasted several hours trying to get this resolved. If it's out of warranty, fine, at least I have a definitive answer, and I can look into getting it repaired or replaced, but if I can't even be given a definitive answer, it makes it impossible for me to resolve the issue without a great deal of annoyance.

I of course apologize to the person on the receiving end of this email, since they had nothing to do with the problem. I just thought I should bring the issue to (hopefully) someone who can look up the account and tell me if my purchase is still covered, or if I needed an alternate method of fixing the issue.


Their response?

"Thank you for contacting Lowe's Customer Care. I apologize for the frustration but in order for us to request a receipt we will need the date of purchase. If you know how the washing machine was purchased we would recommend contacting the credit card company or bank to get this information."

Here's the last note I sent, before I hit the internet for more information:


My frustration must be only a tiny percentage of the frustration of working at Lowe's without a relational database for customers. Being forced to pull up information only by date, and not by the name, address, or phone number of the customer, or by the make and model of the product must make the job very difficult.

I'll contact GE, since apparently they are the ones that contract for repairs. If they can't find a record, I'll just chalk up "Service Protection Plus" as a bad investment, and see if there is a website dealing with retail frustrations where I can express my opinion.

Thank you for your time.


That pretty much covers it. Yet further proof that not only are extended warranties a waste of money, but certain retailers apparently don't have access to relational databases -- or at least, not when it's time to use said warranty. What I find somewhat amusing is they believe the credit card company can pull up "When did I purchase a washing machine?" information more quickly than the company I purchased it from. Try to wrap your head around *that*.

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Pharr, Texas, United States #630344

Purchased the worthless 4 year Protection Plus from Lowes for my $1500 Samsung side by side. Huge crack appears for no reason in the freezer door, ice shoot.

Filed a claim which was erroneously denied for cosmetic damage. Now starting my letter writing to State Boards of Ins. Samsung denies any liability for manufacturing a piece of *** unit.

Never shopping at Lowes again. Sears only now.

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