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The Lowe's in Bryan, TX is a joke. They sent me home with the wrong brand special order item.

It took 2 hours to straighten things out, but that was just the grand finale. I have shopped there for years, but won't any more. Plumbing fittings are a jumbled mess - any box is guaranteed to have some different parts in it. Aisles are so crowded with "displays" that you can't move a 4' wide load down them.

Lumber is more expensive than HD.

I have NEVER had a male employee offer to help me load or strap down a load. The ladies who work there are very nice and helpful, however.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Messy store, Terrible customer service.

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Liability purposes state that lowes employees are actually

not allowed to help load any material that would require you to tie

off or strap down... That would include strapping the material / product as well.

Things like 2x4's, plywood that raises over the cab walls... ect.

If the load were to somehow settle and come loose during the move, Lowes would be somewhat responsible... and before anyone gets all up in arms.

Its the way it is, because it happened and someone sued. The way the world works...

Now this being said, my store, we help people load all the time, but we do not tie off or strap anything, I'm sorry you have such bad service, We can make sure that is addressed.

To touch on the lumber prices being lower at HD, I'm not going to give you some long winded excuse as to why we have a better product, simple fact is they get there wood from Mexico, we get ours from Canada. That usually accounts for the 5-7% hike in price.

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