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Have you ever noticed when shopping at your local Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse that most of the front end are young, attractive girls? I never really did until recently.

While moving "up the ladder" I have worked at 7 different Lowe's. In every single one some middle aged manager was screwing a very young cashier...every single one! My current store just completed an investigation where they did absolutely nothing about it.

Is it a coincidence that these girls are hired? Always as cashiers? I think not! I think the upper management consistently hires "eye candy" so that they can get off whenever possible. It doesn't matter that its against doesn't matter that these men are 5, 10, or even 30+ years older than the young *** they hire. Or that these men have wives and families at home.

This is a consistant problem throughout an immoral company and I for one have had enough!

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I too have notice how these young women give themselves to these pig managers. I feel very sorry for them, but lets not forget they have a choice not to give in.

I work at the Tustin Ca store and about to resign because this conduct makes me sick. I feel so sorry for these women.

These women are poor and will do anything they can to think they will make more money. So sad.

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It is very sad but true. Lowe's as a company fosters a sexist atmosphere.

Almost all of the women in any of the Lowe's stores I am familiar with, are limitted to certain departments and jobs. It is not uncommon for promotions and opportunities to exist based more on a females "popularity" amongst the male employees.

Advancements based on "relations" with management, and tolerance to sexual harrassment is unfortunately the norm, not the exception.


i happen to work at a lowes where there are just as many males as females up front. some "cute" or not 18 yrs old up to 70.

i myself included. it is people like you who blow things way out of proportion that give a great company a bad name. did you not get something from your mgr that you wanted?

what about the stores with female mgrs, are they sexually harassing as well. this has to be one of the most uneducated things i have ever read.


I hate to say this, however, I just moved to a new state and had to buy a few things from Lowe's. I actually went there 5 times in one day and at different times of the day.

I found the most attractive women in paints, tools and plumbing section.

Cashier and customer service folks, well, there was alot to be desired. LOL I will give this one particular Lowe's props tho, they had the best customer service I have ever seen in a Lowe's.


I guess you weren't getting any


I agree; Not the company's fault, but the individual case by case bases. I know our HR (a female) seems to actually hire unattractive women, yet that doesnt mean Lowe's only takes the ugly ones. I feel people should be hired for their skills and work ethic instead of their physical assets.


I hate to tell you but this happens everywhere, it isn't just Lowe's. It takes two to mess around. It isn't the company it is the morals of the people involved.


Retailer4life has it on track. This is going on in our store with 3 cashiers, oops, 2 are now dept.

mgrs. in our store. With our pay I guess that makes them cheap somethings.

Wait maybe I misjudge. they've all put in at least 6 months.


Why not hire them? Should only the ugly people be hired?


I work for Lowe's, too, and sadly this is true. (But to be fair, it also happened @ the other 2 retailers i worked for, too. And....these "sweet young things" who could not even find their way out of an open paper bag are the ones that continually get promoted to team leaders or department managers and end up being OUR SUPERVISORS!

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