went to Lowes to purchase a window ac. They only had display model left so they knocked off 10 per cent off of the price.

When I went to start it found you needed the remote control which they did not give me.When I called them they told me I got a discount , call fridgedare. I'm sure they would not be that *** to put the remote on the shelf where somebody could walk off with it, but this is Lowes -so maybe.Think they at customer service would look for it?Lowes is the worst when it comes to helping customers.

Last time I shop at Lowes. We need to support the local small hardware and other local stores who appreciate the business and not the big box stores who think their salary comes from heaven.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Sometimes they don't have all the components, sometimes it is not in top stock. It's a display, sold as is.

I bought a display ceiling fan, I had to buy a separate remote, big deal. Again, it's a display.

If it stops working tomorrow, don't expect a return, they most likely discontinued the item, that's why they sell the displays.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States #725481

When units are put on display, the original empty boxes with remotes and instructions are placed back up in top stock. I have bought many display items from Lowes over the years and 90% of the time the original boxes with related parts are in top stock above the units.

The box should be marked "display". Have somebody look in top stock for you.

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