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I purchased 4 eligible paint items on 9/4/2019, ordered online for pickup in store. They were picked up from store #2706.

The item #91244 is listed on the rebate as an eligible item. I submitted the rebate online and received a notification that the submission was being rejected and it had to be resubmitted via mail. I submitted it via mail and it was received on 10/9/2019. The rebate status says "processing" for 13 weeks now.

They state if you don't receive your rebate within 8-10 weeks to contact their rebate center. I am owed $180.00 in gift cards for this rebate.

The second rebate is for a $99 battery with the purchase of item #160****, a power tool kit. The rebate was submitted online and denied on 11/26/2019, 12/18/2019, 1/6/2020, and was resubmitted again today, 1/7/2020. It continues to be denied claiming the item purchased is not eligible, however the item number is clearly written on the rebate form and matches the one on the receipt.

The main reason for this claim is that its impossible to reach anyone at the rebate center.

I called last week and the automation said due to high call volume they would call me back. This was last week. I called again tonight and sat on hold for 50 minutes before being disconnected. I called again and requested a call back.

I called customer service and they told me they could merely escalate the situation to the rebate center because its a 3rd party and not Lowes. How are you supposed to resolve the rebate issues with the company if you cant even reach a person to do it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Rebate.

Location: Macungie, Pennsylvania

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I don't know if I'm correct but if you made the purchase on 9/4/19 and they received the rebate submission on 10/9/19..... it was over the 30 days from purchase "Guideline" Unless they honor the postal date when sent.

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