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Lowe's is absolutely nasty when dealing with customers injured on its premises. See .

Especially in its choice of insurance adjusters, SRS also known as Sedgwick Claim Management Services, Inc., also known as Sedgwick CMS, Inc., also known as SRS Specialty Risk Services. Tactics used include

claiming they have been unable to contact you, even after you flood them with information, misspelling the name of the street and city you live on, in order to delay the mail to you, or get it returned to them and then be able to close the claim, etc. The bottom line is that according to one of their own Insurance Claim Representatives, "Lowe's does NOT carry med pay insurance on their premises". So, a customer is better off going somewhere else.

This is especially important to persons such as Disabled Veterans, Disabled Citizens, Pregnant Women, Senior Citizens, Elderly Citizens, and Children. Lowe's is TRULY No. 2 in their business. Make sure you are not at their stores to get injured and then have them No.

2 all over you!

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People stage injuries CONSTANTLY at public retail stores and rarely are they 'real' - just a bunch of people trying to get free money. I am sure they have to *** out thousands of faked claims to find 1 real one. If you truly were injured I'm sure it will work out in the end but realize you are one of thousands that are pretending that they are dealing with and each of those takes up time and money and work to '*** out'.


Sedgwick is also the insurance carrier for Walmart, Target, Public Storage, Sears other big companies. They are a really bad insurance company and should have their license revoked and the Federal Government should file a class action lawsuit against them.

They not only ignore your claim, they lie and bully. Check them out on the internet and check their Website. Before you start work for a large company, find out whom their Workers Compensation carrier is. They process Workers Compensation, Personal Property and Injury claims, you have to continue to call and write letters.

Report them to your State Insurance Board and File a claim to the maximum for your damages in Small Claims Court or hire an attorney. Good Luck!


Maybe you should try Walmart for your planned slip and fall. They seem to carry all kinds of *** insurance.

@Lowes Hardware

Walmart has the same insurance as Lowes. People are truly injured or suffered true damages, Sedgwick Insurance or Sedgwick CMS causes companies to loose business while they collect money from these very same companies to handle their claims.

Lowes Hardware employee. Be Ware and Be Careful you wouldn't want to file a Workers Compensation claim, Sedgwick Insurance would be handling it.