Lakeland, Florida

Store closes at 22:00

New what I wanted. Entered went straight to isle. Pic, walk to check out counter ALL closed. Ask for assistance. Directed to "customer service counter" where three (3x) persons with LOWES "uniforms" fraternizing with obviously someone they knew well (girlfriend, sister, or...???) no attention paid. Started becoming obvious that they did not deem it "the appropriate time to shop".

Treated with disdain when finally "helped". Though it best to take my hard earned cash (and it was cash) elsewhere.

Left store at 21:02 or give them the benefit of the doubt 21:03.

Wife has been complaining about lack of service (if you can call it that) for a while.

Took my business to HD where I was astounded that there were actually other customers (imagine that) several in fact, shopping after 21:30 whereas not 15-20 min ago I could have sworn that I was the only one at LOWES.

For the record my Zip is 33812 south of Lakeland (city central) FL.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I actually appreciate that you went over to Depot to bother them. Most people that have never worked retail have no idea that we might have lives outside of the store. Thanks for taking your business elsewhere.


I take it that you are one of those people that think if you come in at the last minute you are going to get all sorts of help because the poor employees want to get home. You are right in that they want to go home.

You are wrong that you will get good service. You will get minimal rushed service if any at all. They have things to get cleaned up before leaving as well as helping people that think as long as they are in the door before it gets locked they can stay there as long as they want.

Be reasonable and shop earlier so you can be out of the store before closing time. They are open plenty of hours, you don't need to keep them late.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #830125

Well maybe you shouldn't be shopping out so late? Cool that you came to HD but still.. You're one of those annoying customers that think just because it's 1 minute to close we should wait on you hand and foot.

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