Chalmette, Louisiana

I purchased a shower valve from Lowes about 3 months ago as my builder had asked me to. It had to be a one valve unit rather than a 2 or 3 because it is specified in the building code.

These are always trash but very expensive anyway. So 3 days ago I got the permit to move in. I got in the shower, turned the water on and it was spraying out of the valve in the wall. I cut the sheet rock out of the back but sure to stud placement and it being soldered in it was not assessable, so I had to go break out the tile, backer board, and green rock.

I pulled the valve apart and took all the prices except the manifold to Lowes. When I got there I realized it had been 3 months and I did not have the receipt so I just wanted to buy a new valve body. They told me they had no way to look it up, no idea what kind of valve I had and unless I could provide the exact day of purchase there was nothing they would do. They did tell me I could drive 20 miles access town and get one from a plumbing supply house.

After spending a whole day going from supply house to supply house to no avail i called the Plumber who cut a large hole in my tile about 20 inches square because he had to access 2studs to replace the green board and backer board with any strength, then will need to tele the area after putting in a new valve.

Then they have to go patch the sheet rock, match the texture and repaint in the office, all because Lowes doesn't carry supplies or even a book to identify what they sell. They also avoid Abby responsibility by not saving your purchases under your phone number so if you Donny know the exact day, they can't find your purchase record.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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you obviously did not use your MYLOWES card. please drop by and sign up for your MYLOWES card so the next time the valves leaks, you can buy a replacement valve and use the parts from that.

You can purchase the new valve with your LOWES CREDIT card and get 5% off too. Thank you for shopping at LOWES


Do you think you can pull the valves out of the engine of you car and take them to a dealer or auto parts store and expect to get the right ones without knowing the year, make and model of the car? Pretty slim chances.

Why would you expect a retail store to know what your parts came out of just by looking at them?

As you can see from going from one plumbing supplier to another and having no luck there either you might have unreasonable expectations of Lowes to know what you need. It is not the responsibility of a retailer to keep track of your your receipts.


No one could of said it better.