i went to lowes for a few things, bought more then i planned, tried to use my 200.00 lowes credit card i had for years, just to find out it was no good. wow it was embaresing.

i always paid my bills with lowes, there excuse was i didnt use it enough, credit cards are for hard times, as well as if you dont carry enough money,etc...they could of told me instead of embaressing me. this pissed me off, so now i use home depot and the little hardwares in town, sorry jimmy johnson, i must dump you as my driver now, i dont approve of lowes tactics......

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That would be GE money bank that you should be going after. And they probably did send a letter abd you discarded it. Not to mention having open credit cards that you don't use for years wears on your credit so they canceled it not just for them but for you.


whiners are whiners no matter who is at fault. Yes call the credit card company and find out.

BUt don't rag on the cashier, she is just trying to make a living too. She doesn't have any authority at all, she just repeats policy.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #363901

You ar placing the blame in the wrong place. You may have a credit card that says Lowes on it but it is actually issued by another company that deals in credit. Your complaint should be directed at them, not Lowes.

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