My girlfriend works for lowes and was written up for calling out sick. What is the point in having sick days if you can't use them.

I just don't understand the point.

Can anyone help me to understand why she was written up.

I am just trying to get to 1 hundred words now

  • Sick time policy
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I never had to have a doctor's note. She needed to contest being wrote up instead of accepting it.


"Heartless", Your big box store is ridiculous. Bad manager!

Where in the world is it located? Any community with less than 7% unemployment will not be able to stay open with the poorly paid employees and such policies. Retailers who treat their people like that, only keep people who follow those exact rules, but could care less about helping customers.

No one gets written up for not smiling and helping a customer.

Their job security is based on exact login times and NOT on sales and happily helping customers. No wonder walking around these stores find few associates working there and the ones on the floor are without smiles and do not go out of their way to help customers find what they need.


DID SHE HAVE A DOCTORS NOTE? I don't work for Lowes.

I work for a similar retailer. You will not get written up if you have a doctors note. If you call in sick and come in to work with out a note YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WRITTEN UP. Work places these days do not take your word for it they want proof....

My place I would ague is much worst. For your lunch break you have between 30 minutes and 35 minutes. If you take 29 minutes you will be written up, if you take 36 minutes and do not call to say you will be late you will be written up and lose 2 points, if you call that's 1 point.. If you obtain 10 points you are fired.

If you call in sick with out a doctors note you lose 3 points. If you don't show up with out a call that's 5 points.

If you're late by more than 1 hour and do not call that's 5 points. If you going to be late for work and call you lose 1 point.


I work for Lowes, that is the most flexible employer I ever had. Of course they have to get bit strict with employees who misuse and call in sick on the days the are needed most and managers can judge how serious you are about your job.