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Lowes was a huge disappointment this morning. I go in for a simple shower flange.

They are out of stock. No big deal. I was going to order online. The web site wanted to charge me $5.99 for delivery.

The hispanic guy in the plumbing department told me to use their computer to order and i would not be charged delivery fees. Then he walks away leaving the company computer open for hacking if i had choose to. I type in my order and click to print my receipt. It tells me it cant give me a receipt.

I go look for the guy in plumbing again, tell him i cant get a receipt. (Should have never been given access to their system). His response is just take a picture. He didnt want to come over to their computer to get it to print.

After explaining to him i wanted an actual receipt. Not a screen picture. He sent it to the paint department to print it. Feeling nervous about my order, and wanting to let a manager know what had just happened, another employee told me to get the store manager because it should not have been handled that way.

He said to get, i believe her name was Wanda or Mandy he said shes the stores main manager. I go to the customer service desk explain what happened and she refused to come out. So an assistant manager came out when i demanded to know what was going on with the order i had to just place on their computer. The guy they sent out had no idea why the plumbing dept.

Guy had me use their system with no employee help. He then told me when he looked into the system my order would not be delivered to me even tho they took the money out of my account. He then had to call the plumbing guy over to look up my order. Remember hes the manager, and he had no idea how to do his job.

So yet again I ask for the store manager and again they send out another flunky assistant manager who yet again had no idea how to see if my order went thru properly. So after 2 useless assistant managers are not able to know if this was done properly. I demanded the store manager come out. Yet again she hid in the back and sent out 2 more assistant managers named Sheila Javadi and Rob Field.

The store manager still hid in the back. Sheila and Robs solution was that Sheila was going to go to howell pick up the part I ordered and bring it to the Commerce store and I could purchase that one. Even tho lowes took money out of my account for the one I ordered their manager said I would not receive it and I needed to come back and pay again for the one they were picking up. In summary.

Lowes employee left me to use their system alone. And not one ASSISTANT MANAGER was able to let me know why my account was debeted the money for a product I would not receive, and want me to purchase a second one without receiving the first. And the store manager litterally hid in the back and refused to come assist me and instead kept sending out flunkies who had no idea what they were doing. The elderly gentlemen at the counter next to me, after listening to the lowes employees blow me off for over a half hour, looked at the assistant manager and told him they have awful P.R.

and theur customer relations by their assistant manager was pathetic and he would q be back because of how these fools handed this situation.

So this store manager lost 2 customers today because she hid in the back and was useless. Home depot is where i will go now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Saint Charles, Illinois, United States #1344008

Store managers have a lot to do. She may have been in a meeting, on the phone or handling other matters.

You could have waited who knows how long for her to become available or as they did send one of the assistant managers to talk to you. The reality in Big Box stores is that the store management is responsible for the overall store but the people working in the departments are more aware of the products handled in their department and how orders for certain items are handled. When you look at hundreds of thousands of items one person just can't be an expert at everything. Do you think the president of the united states should know how to order a uniform for an army private?

No, but as the president he is ultimately responsible for the ability to order that uniform. He has many people working under him that handle day to day functions.

Same thing with store mangers. They can look into why things were done the way they were but it may not happen while you are standing there.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1343981

So they tried to help you out on the QT, save you some money and this is how you react.

Waaaa, I want a receipt.

This is the exact reason people do not want to bend rules for people like you.

The second they do, whining like this kicks in.

Your receipt is your credit card statement should anything go wrong.

What a turkey you are!!!

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