I worked for Lowes for five years as a kitchen and bath designer. I have also worked atthe Home Depot and Builders Square in the same capacity.

I am a cabinetmaker by trade with over thirty years experiance. I also was a cabinet installer for Lowes with a vendor number. I worked 60 plus hours a week and the more hours I worked the less I made..Chinese overtime it was called.

For the first 40 hours I made $15 an hour..for the next 10 hours I was payed $4.00 an hour and for the last 10 hours of the sixty hours I was payed $2.25 an hour which was on a Saturday..10 hours of getting my brains beat out for about $10 extra in my paycheck.

I bailed Lowes butt out of the fire too many times to count and I constantly had to deal with inconsequential sub managers..they are a joke. Wake up Lowes and treat good employees like gold and not slaves and something less than human..

Eventually I just walked out of the store for my own physical and mental health.

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Fat Mart cart rider

Ummm sub managers? WTF does that mean.

Department managers or Zone managers?

Clarify tard face. And go cry some more.


ha ha ha you asked to be screwed

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