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On 10/21/2015 in the afternoon, I went to Lowes in Huntersville, NC, carrying my old not working smoke and co detector. I was trying to find a matching one or similar one.

I read through the label and would like to actually see it to make sure it is compatible. I asked a Lowes employee named Diane to see if she could open it to check to make sure it will work with my electrical wire. She exploded and yelled at me saying "Don't you see there are so many opening ones there? Do you want to buy an opened one?" I said I just want you to help me to make sure it will work.

Here is my old one. If I buy one and take home and it is not compatible, I still need to return." She ran toward me and grabbed the one on my hand and pulled her knife box cutter and viciously and quickly cut the box multiple places and pulled the smoke and co detector out and banged it on the table and then she walked away. I said you are insulting me by cutting that smoke detector box into multiple pieces and banging it on the table. You are such an ***.

I went to near by Home Depot and a man there led me to the smoke and co detector location and he opened one by removing the clear tap at one end and showed me how it can be done by comparing it to my old one. I bought that one and it works fine.

For the last 15 years, I always go to Lowes to buy anything related to house, plants, and garden. Not any more, I will buy it from Home Depot instead.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: I will go to home depot from now on.

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Diana is a real treat for the store. She tackled a 90 year old woman in a power chair last week for asking her where the light bulbs where.

Be careful of Paul over at Home depot though He chases people with a tire iron! Sound silly?

Yeah so did your complaint. "She ran"


How dare you interrupt her while she was trying to get a hook-up for the weekend! Don't you understand that the only reason she is there is to collect a paycheck and get a date with a co-worker? Shame on you!

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