Big Flats, New York

Worked at Lowes for a few years, average pay, terrible benefits, managers didn't have a clue, we actually asked 4 managers the same question and all had a different answer... Schedule you to work a closing shift then have you open the next day, not too smart on safety.

Would over schedule deliveries and expect the drivers to work overtime. Will not allow you to use your vacation time when you want and will not allow you to be off more than 9 consecutive days in a row. Give you sick time but if you use more than 5 days in a rolling year they write you up. Managers at our store were sexting hourly employees and when turned in for it the HR manager looked the other way.

Glad I am out of there, will never return, good luck and good riddance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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I have to agree with the part of asking questions. Everyone of them will give you a different answer so know who is over you at the time so you do it their way.

I find it ironic that you talk about how the managers didn't have a clue yet you misspelled adequate. :)

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