Chicago, Illinois

I purchased two large area rugs from Lowes in Kenosha WI . A matchig hallway runner to be shipped to my home .

After 3 weeks of not recieving my runner I called the store to see where it was to be told they will follow up and after three more calls they told me it was not coming it was discontinued.

Now I have two rugs with no runner .I have already put these in my home and now without a matching runner . I will never shop Lowes again ,not to mention I purchased a refrigerator the same time I purchesed the rugs.

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I am in search of a narrow rug runner off a roll #254061. Do you have a way to seach your other stores to see if they have it. I would like to buy a 27foot long piece.


Have you asked if you can simply return the 2 rugs and choose new rugs/runner that they have in stock? I'm sure they store didn't know that the runner would be unavailable. They will probably try to make things right if you give them a chance.


So, tell me this, is Lowe's SUPPOSED to now make a runner for you? Things change, models/styles get discontinued.

I know it will be hard for you to comprehend, but it's true, look it up, manufacturer's discontinue/end model/style runs ALL THE TIME!! Do you really think it was Lowe's?? Having worked there for over 6 years, I truly never knew that elves in the back sat and made the rugs, runners for the rugs, and the appliances we sell! I truly never did!

Wow! I bet you're the same customer who went down to the car dealer and complained that they discontinued your 1962 Studebaker last week, too!

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