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Bought Troy Built snow blower in November 2011 from Lowes in Timonium Maryland. Under advice of salesman, I bought the 4 year extended warranty, which he claimed would take care of problem I had except for normal wear and tear.

I never used it until a snowfall on March 2013. During this time it was stored without gas in it. When I tried to use it in March the unit failed to start. I called Lowes and was told to bring it back to the store.

I did so and was contacted a few weeks later.

I was told the repair would cost $206 because there was solidified gas in the carbonator. Given that I stored the snowblower dry and put in fresh gas when I tried to use it, I feel I was sold a defective product, and should not have to pay this charge

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Well you my file a small claims court

Action for very little ! $

In my state it is only $35.00

Then they will be forced to send a rep to court to speak for them .

IE: just note on form you are suing

A corporation and list the store manager and store address .

That will get there attention for sure. And it's cheap Justice!


You just stated in your complaint that it was your fault but giving that credit to Lowes. Geez, this is funny. Straight up your fault buddy.


People never understand extended warranties, they only take place once the manufacture warranty has expired. Extended warranties only cover issues that you did not cause yourself.

Buying a gas powered item then allowing it to sit around for 1.5 years is just idiotic. You should have ran it a few times changed it's oil a few times, emptied it's gas a few times, used a stabilizer at least once.... Lowes didnt sell you a defective anything, if you want to be angry with anyone be angry with Troy Built, or your dumb@ss...

Most items come with a 2 year manufacture warranty you should have contacted the manufacture to see if it would be covered under their warranty, Lowes extended warranty doesn't start until that expires.... Not to mention all retail stores consider extended warranties 100% profit only fools buy them.


I would also be angry if my "carbonator" was plugged up also.