In late march of 08 I went to Lowe's Paint dept at their Brunswick, Maine store. (Iam told this store was the #1 Lowe's store, in the nation and the Manager the #1 Manager in the nation.) To purchase a product to clean 5 cedar decks, attached to my home. I asked specificly for a product to clean CEDAR wood.

The paint salesperson told us that OLYMPIC DECK CLEANER was the best they had to offer for my application and offered no other product.

I purchased a large amount of the Olympic Deck Cleaner, read the directions several times, adhering to the directions, I proceeded to apply the product to the decks.

The Olympic Deck Cleaner, appeared to be doing the required job but then a goo started to form on the surfaces of the decks as I rinsed them, according to the product directions. The more I rinsed the more the goo came.

The end result was that when the decks dried I found they were covered with a gray coating, about 2 mils thick along with a blanket of wood fibers, adhered all over the deck.

PPG, makes the Olympic Products. Lowes, has been assisting me in getting resoloution from PPG's tech. dept. However PPG refuses to accept any responsibility. They tell me I should not have used the product on cedar.

NOW, here is the kicker. The Olmpic Deck Cleaner has no infomation what-so-ever on their product's container warning a consumer not to use it on Cedar!

The tell me they have a Deck Brightner, that is made for Cedar & Redwood and I should have used that product. I was not told about the deck brightner and find that the Lowes store I went to does not even stock it!

PPG tells me to sand the decks down to clear wood and finish. A very expensive, labor intensive job that might not be totally effective.

I have an estimated $5,600.00 in damage or possibly much more!


Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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You should have read the part that sayd try on a small area first. Would have saved you a lot of money and time.

PPG is not responsible for your mistake. Lowes if any are due to them selling u the wrong product if you did tell them it was cedar.


You should have Lowe's repay you for the hassle. They are the ones who reccomended the product so they are responsible.

It does not cost that much to resand your deck and restain your deck. This is what we do for a living. Sometimes you need to research several options and products before you try and do the work yourself.

Good luck! :)

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