Tellico Plains, Tennessee
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I found a refrigerator on sale at Lowes in Athens Tn. Sunday. Spoke with Mgr David to come pick it up Monday with my truck. Had 20% off coupon, which I showed to Customer Service Lady and asked if I could use it towards the purchase. She said yes, sure can! I was elated.

Sent My husband Monday mng with check and coupon to pick up my refrigerator. David was out until next day. Would not let us pay for it using coupon, have to wait for David to approve. We told saleslady would be back next morning to get it when David was there.(My name was placed on refrigerator)

Next morning went to pick up, I was greeted by saleslady whom I told I was there again to pick up my refrigerator. She told me another associate had removed my name and sold it to someone else. She said she told him what was going on with the refrigerator, but he removed my name and sold it to someone else.

Devastated,I asked to speak with a Manager, hoping for some resolution after 3- 70 mile trips to Athens. Wouldn't you know I got "Manager" Larry. What a joke! He was very RUDE, CRUDE, and very uncaring. Did not offer any help, or consolation.

I spend thousands of dollars at Lowes annually as a Contractor, But I will NEVER SPEND ANOTHER PENNY AT LOWES!! HOME DEPOT WILL GET ALL OF MY BUSINESS FROM NOW ON.

Monetary Loss: $1665.

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What was wrong with the coupon? Expired, Competitor's Coupon, a discount over a discount, did not meet the min sale amt?

You could have done a "Pick up later" and paid for it the first day that you where there. At my store we do not hold products for customers unless they pay for it first.

One reason is because it is unfair to the other customers in the store that might want to buy the product. Also, It takes room to hold product, and my store is one of the smaller Lowe's stores.


Bob can't spell. Is it so hard to believe that someone spends 'thousands"?

Come on 'Bob' fridge...a washer & dryer....a riding mower....any of these single purchases will run you over a thousand bucks. And if Kim is a contractor, it DOES happen. I spend thousands a year, too.

Oh, customer service at almost any CHAIN retailer has gone to ***.

I never ever opt for an extended warranty anymore. I will just replace it later with the latest model.


another customer that says they spen thousands!!!!!!!!!!!!1 yeah right

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