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I purchased granite counter tops and a stone back splash through Lowes and used their installers. Our project coordinator, an associate of Lowes, helped us choose tiles to match the granite counters we chose.

We made our decision and were sent home with six sample tiles. When our tiles were installed I was at work, when I returned home and saw the tiles they were not the same color as the samples we received. We based our choice of tiles on what we were given in the store the night we made our purchase. The tiles installed do not match our counters and are much, much darker than the tiles we chose.

The manager of the store came out to our home with our project organizer and the project organizer admitted the tiles were not the same color as what she had given us as samples. The store manager told corporate that the tiles in our home do match what is in the store, that is what is in the store today NOT when we made our choice, and Lowes now refuses to correct their mistake. When the store manager and the project organizer were in our home, our project organizer admitted the tiles did not match the tiles she showed us when we made our purchase. She said this in front of my husband and I, and the store manager.

When corporate contacted these two individuals they lied and said that conversation never occurred. Lowes is refusing to make this right and we will now have to pay someone to fix the problem. The combination of the tiles with the counters we have looks awful!

Lowes promotes their dedication to 100% customer satisfaction, however, Lowes clearly has no interest in customer satisfaction and I am very disappointed in the moral character of their employees and the lack of concern we received from corporate.

I know it will not effect Lowes the least little bit if we discontinue shopping there, but I will never buy another thing from Lowes. I will also do everything I can to let other consumers know that Lowes cares nothing about its consumers and does not make good on the claim that they are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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If you purchased a stone backsplash there is no guarantee that it will look like the sample, same goes for stone countertops. Mother nature controls the quarries, not Lowes. I would like to know what you purchased exactly.


I know that natural stone is varied in color. We chose a stone that was almost white. The entire box was almost white, little bit beige, and the store even has a sample "wall" of this tile. There is another color scheme of this same brand and it is predominantly very dark brown, with a few lighter tiles. We were given this darker color scheme.

I have an update though. I contacted corporate customer service and the women was very helpful. She contacted the head management at the store and he called me. He said he would have an installer come out and replace the tiles that are too dark. BUT, he said I would have to "sift" through the boxes of tile to find the lighter colored ones. He acted like I was crazy, as did the other manager, when I told him there were no dark tiles in the boxes we originally chose and paid for. I met him at the store and sure enough, there were two separate color schemes of the same brand of tile. He had to admit that clearly the store employees are not familiar with their own products. This was not an issue of getting natural tiles that varied in darkness, it was an issue of being given the wrong color scheme. Although it was obvious, I felt compelled to reiterate to him that there would be no need to sift through the tiles if the tiles we had ordered were installed. There are actually three color schemes of this tile. The ones we ordered (almost white), a very light beige/brown, and the very dark tiles.

This was Sunday, late afternoon and he said an installer would call that evening or by yesterday afternoon at the latest; I am still waiting on that call.