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I special ordered a door I was told it would take 21days that was fine I finally get my call 23 days later I go to pick up door at customer service Debra was nice as she called a code 50thats for someone to fetch the door fro m it's special bin I wait 30mins and watch the manager and several others talk while the one guy actually working with someone had to go get it Willie nice guy brought me the door I sighed the dam papers so I could take out my door as I was leaving I'm approached from a unidentified employee to stop me and tell me I can't just walk out with my special ordered door with my receipt and my name on the dam door then the employee pulls out his little coat and says he's got to call someone and I told him I had already been through all this he was persistent to be a *** and then the manager comes up and of course no dam help either so I told the to take the 464 dollar special ordered door and give me my money and I begin to show my *** they just give me my receipt and tell me I could go how ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #647611

It is Lowe's policy to ensure that all items been accounted/signed for before leaving the store. Often customers go wandering while their order is being brought to the front, and when it is chaotic, anyone could walk off with your order. I am sure that would of been worse than being asked for proof of purchase, yes? Then someone could of walked out, and you'd of been mad that no one visually verified that he had a receipt, and a correct one for that particular item. Can't win either way it seems.

Since you used the term unidentified, I am going to take an educated guess that it was the store's Loss Prevention. Employee's have every right to request a receipt. Unless they were standing there watching you sign, they would not know.

As far as the 30 minute wait - you would understand if the saw the receiving areas. There are shelves to the ceiling, and often times if they are high up, there are items on the floor that need to be moved with a pallet jack. It's not like we sit there fooling around in the back so you can wait longer.

Patience is a virtue.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #633929

It's a vest, not a coat

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