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Store 0340

IDK what has happened in this store, but would say poor management. Recent hires seem to include a smellie druggie in lawn mowers, a dry drunk in greenhouse, and an old man with a shopping cart in electric/plumbing/whatever.

There is also a downright scary checkout guy: hair all over The customer service staff spend hours gabbing with one another, employees are found 3 or more to a bunch gabbing, and one has to search out and insist on getting help. Like, insist. And they are annoyed that you are taking them away from chitchat.

Had to leave this store repeatedly to go to 88th, where there are some people who are actually there to help customers.

Reason of review: Lowes has also jerked interest on their house credit account to the stratosphere. Incentives to use charge at the register to get discounts are laughable. The interest rate more than gives back whatever pathetic discount is given..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Two nice people out of the whole staff.

I didn't like: Getting the run-around.

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Lowes Credit is not a company owned bank. Lowes does not have anything to do with the interest rate of the credit.

Further how dare you post such rude and nasty statements about their staff. Have you considered that these Smelly people may be a day away from being homeless? Get over your better than thou self and be decent! Its rude stuck up trash like you who is making this world a scary place.

Take your rude self in your gas guzzling suv back over to starbucks for your latte! ***

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