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We bought 4,000 plus of Stainmaster carpet not including the labor that finally brought the total to 6,000 plus, from Lowes about two years ago. I have not washed it yet.

There are two of us my husband and I plus our small pet. I noticed that last year that our carpet began to stretch a little not very noticeable. This year however it seemed to have waves on it. The waves are more distinguished on the places where there is a lot more traffic.

I personaly complained to Lowes and they told me that they did not have anything to do after the product is out of the store. If it was labor it was only guaranteed for one year. If it was something to do with the carpet I had to go to and complained to them. This is the first time I tried.

It is good to have a place to go to and complain.

We are not very happy. It seems we are going to have to fix this mess out of our own pocket

I didn't like: I did not like the reply we got about our carpet.

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Carpet should be power stretched to consider it "properly installed". You, as the owner are responsible for that, not the manufacturer. Also, not Lowes fault, this complaint should be on your private installers web page.

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1053253

Not sure why Stainmaster would cover something like this. I would suspect the carpet needs to be stretched.

You know, with one of those knee stretchers you probably saw the guy use when they installed it. This is a common problem that comes as a carpet is used and gets older.

I used to have one of them and would need to use it myself on occasion over the years. Carpet is what it is and does what it does.

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