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I go to lowes and they sell me sticky paint. Smells like parkling lot.

I go back to complain and they dont listen. Why they waste my time. Too many people going blaha blabh blah. Dont even listen me do they?

I talk to seventeen people. Noone understands. They afraid to fix misteaks. I talk to paint people.

Desk people. Money People. All People. Noone understands my sticky paint problem.

I will call policeman if they dont take the sticky paint off my walls.

No more I go to Lowes. Not even for lawn mower or nails or screw drivers.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Learn to spell


same thing that hapened to me and a friend. They will not fix it . a lawyer will be called at this point..sorry, I do understand.


Is this serious????


DonV is ***. I says my paint was too sticky. You cant even read.Home Depot gave me good paint they did.


sounds like to me you just dont like the color and you tring to get something for nothing i see you pieces of *** all the time in the store tring to get something for nothing


Lowes Blows!


Go to Home Depot I do. NO sticky paint they have there.

Sally is ***. She doesn't even listen.


WTF was that? Please, sir, go down to your Lowe's, grab a 2 x 4, take it to the lumber desk (or any desk for that matter.), and ask the Lowe's associate to hit you over the head with it several times!

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #59791

You're an ***.

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