Clermont, Florida

I opened store 2449 in rochester nh ,our store manager was randy godett.we end be one of the best stores to work at. the employees were the best,and we proved it.they sent randy to a stoer in lowell mass.

and we ended up with a manager that didnt care about us as an's really sad to see such a great store to to waste.I spent 3.5 yrs with lowes wanted to relocate and got no help from the managment team .needless to say after moving i'm unemployed and dicusted.Lowes does not care about their employees,your just a number.I hope that someone opens there eye's and fast.

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I hope you understand that now Lowe's #2449 is now managed by Michael D Richard who has skyrocketed our sales and the store in general. We are 33rd in the company for LCC's.

All the employees I interact with everyday love our store!

Team 2449 is the best in retail! Proud to be a member of the front end.


Whoa yourself Tommy! I am only pointing out that the guy is making no cents cause he can't right. My little kid can write better than him.

FYI - Stop talking about my problems or youwill find my size 12 sneaker up your corn hole


Whoa Ken! Easy boy!

Just because we happen to have the best manager in the region, that's no reason to kick a store when it's down.

Please don't take it personal Anonymous, Ken's going through a tough time.

Now I'm sure Rochester is a nice place and I will admit I'm not familiar with the area exept for the fact that the ladies seem to be embracing the "Muffin Top" look. Hang tight over there in 2449 and hopfully your current manager comes around or you get a new long as it's not Randy ;^)


Maybe the reason the mgmt team will not help with your transfer is because you communication skills are ***! They would be embarassed to send you on to another store.

You can't spell and your grammar sucks.

PS. Randy is great over here at 2657


All too often the case. The management that actually does the most good is sooner or later going to be moved and enough times to kill what ever caring they still have.

Coorporate is still making their check and working their hours while the store employees are getting screwed over by a promise of educational reimbursement but a schedule that wont allow class attendance by promising certain hours and then flipping them and like Home depot getting rid of any employee worth a *** in favor of cheap labor that has no desire to further themselves so why would they give a rats *** about doing a good job.

Way to go big corp. excellent management skills!

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