Austin, Texas

I went to the lowes store at IH35 so & Stassney located in Austin,Tx. I was carrying my 6.5 lb.

dog in my arms,as it was very warm outside. When I went to leave, I was confronted by a fat eldery hispanic lady, and told that my dog was not allowed in the store!! She showed me a paper sign that someone made on a computer. I told her that it was not a company notice and that I would not honor it because I knew Lowes was a animal friendly store.

She told me that I would not be allowed in the store in the future, I told her to just give me a refund and I would take my business down the road to Home Depot !!!She began to mumble some sort of *** and I said for her to f___k herself and left..

At what point did Lowes change their policy on pets ?? I did go to 2 other stores and there was no kind of notice posted

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I would love to take my German Shepherds to the store but they aren't service dogs so I know they aren't allowed and therefore I don't put people in the position of having to tell me to take my dog out of the store and you shouldn't have either


You knew it was hot when you left with the dog and sorry but dogs don't belong in stores not all of us appreciate having to deal with animals, good or bad they smell bad when hot. :roll


WOW, why was it necessary to say FAT ELDERLY HISPANIC and for her to go F_ _ _ herslef, sounds like there was really no good way to approach you because you just don't like rules. Sorry but most people would understand, its their business and they have the right to inforce the rules like it or not. :p


They Kicked You Out Cuz Your A F**ckin ***.


What! No doggy valet!

Unless it's a Petco, or, your blind, the dog statys outside. With an attitude and language like yours, the other stores probably didn't want to approch you!

Way to resolve the situation in a reasonable manner.


Fat hispanic? You are a rude little person.

Dogs are not allowed in stores unless they are a service animal. Do you take your dog to the corner cafe for lunch?

Didnt think so. So leave the yappy mutt at home and stop moaning about it.


why do people feel the need to bring an animal to the store? what if they chew up something or pee/*** on something?

I'm sure you're the type of *** to argue that you shouldn't have to pay for damage that your pet caused if it happened. you'd tell your dog to pay them in doggy treats. the only animals that should be allowed in a store are service animals. get a life and stop harassing employees just because you can't bring your little dog in the store.

and it's a 6lb dog? what is it, one of those little dogs that fits in your pink purse?


I work for LOWES, official store policy is we allow service animals only, however, its up to store management as to if they are going to honor this policy,At my store we welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes, service or non service. Most people enjoy the animals and we have had minimal confrontations.


Lowes has had a long standing policy that ONLY trained assistance dogs are allowed in the store at any time. No store has any signs that say they welcome dogs.

You are wrong. And you should not be in public if you wish to act like this.


"I went to the lowes store at IH35 so & Stassney located in Austin,Tx. I was carrying my 6.5 lb.


I can stop here and assume you think you are special. Everyone knows you cannot do this. And if you happen to have a dog with you, and it's hot outside, you simply do not go in the store. You drop the dog off at home and go later.

You should not have a dog. You think the rules do not apply to you. Guess what?

They do. :cry :cry :cry