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Store manager greg henry is the more arrogant people i have ever met. Lowes does not take returns after 90 days and home depot does with no problems- greg henry told me well thats lowes policy and i should shop at home depot - never going back. I spend over 10k-20k per year on materials for renovations - i am now home depot only shopper.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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So because YOU can’t find the time to return your item within one month of purchasing it, Lowe’s now gets to be punished by you for YOUR laziness. Are you unable to read??

It CLEARLY states the time frame for returns ON THE RECEIPT!! So please tell us all WHY you feel Lowe’s is bad for following their return policy?? I hate to burst that rosey bubble but Home Depot has the exact same return policy. 30 days.

So in 360 hours that they are open in a one month timeframe you couldn’t find the time to return your items? It sound like you are the real problem and not Lowe’s. Grow up and move on you did this to yourself 100%. You’re just mad that you couldn’t get your way and because they stuck to their policies YOU feel you need to punish THEM for telling YOU NO!!

You’re acting like a teenaged little girl. It must be your training bra riding up on you.


Why Just Why, If thats the policy then follow it. They made the rule for a reason just like Anonymous said, what if they made that a part of the policy so the item to still be sellable.


Stores have policies like this for a reason. People like you let excess products sit around a job site, garage or wherever collecting dust and paint overspray for months and then bring them back after they have been discontinued and replaced with other items or in a condition no one would want to pay full price for. Quit buying more than you need and if you do bring it back right away while it is still in a sellable condition.

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