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The store manager in Gulfport, MS (Mike) in July of 2008, was upset because another manager gave my wife a discount on a BBQ grill and Washer/Dryer combo. He cornered my wife on the sales floor and talked rude to her in front of other employees and customers.

He was saying,"don't you think you've gotten enough discounts from our store? whenever you need help ask for me, noone else!! I'm the only one you're allowed to talk to. You can forget ever getting any discounts... cause the answer is always going to be no !!!!"

My wife and I are business owners and spend a conciderable amount of our money at lowes. This is the first time we've experienced such bad customer relations like this at Lowes

I think that Lowes Corporate offices should send a representative fire this He has no business being in his position if he can't talk to customers properly with respect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Sales Representative.

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Jilove U Prahy, Stredocesky Kraj, Czech Republic #25578

Kudos to the manager!!! I know as a Lowes man myself I get SICK and TIRED of all these whining, "Its all about me" and "don't you know how much I spend here" *** customers!

We don't make a dime off of these thieves, (and yes, they are ALL THIEVES) by having their hissy fit in front of us DEMANDING discounts. The prices are fair to all, irregardless of how much you spend, and if we allow the prices to mean nothing, then they will mean nothing, it will be like a middle eastern bazaar in the stores.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #24719

What is your wife too young to write a complaint for herself if she was the one mistreated.

Ealing, England, United Kingdom #24677

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