Apollo, Pennsylvania
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Would I be allowed to post my complaint on your site? I might try just to see how long it stays there remembering to print the comments each time a new post is entered.

Writing under assumed names, mine included. Posting sexual: vulgar; disgusting; malicious things about me and putting my family in danger.

I asked for this to stop, but I have not heard from anyone at this web site. They did remove the forum where this started and I questioned as to why. You allow them to continue this despicable behavior on your site and I have no choice but to defend myself in the best way that I can.

As I have forwarded this information to the EEOC, I think you may be interested in the following information as well:


Pittsburgh Area Office

William S. Moorhead Federal Building

1000 Liberty Avenue, Room 1112

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


TTY (412) 395-5904

FAX (412) 395-5749

Writer's Direct Dial 412) 395-5865


Dear Ms. Romansky:

I have been assigned to investigate your case. This is in response to your request for a reply, and to let you know that I have received the materials that you recently sent to the EEOC by email.

My contact information is listed above.


Frank E. Rodia



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You can all breathe a sigh of relief!If nobody at Lowe's or the webmaster of this site is going to end this personal war, I am. As far as I am concerned, this matter is now out of my hands. Say what you will about me and fun in doing so. I have told the truth and I have not hidden behind my screen name, nor have I involved innocent people, in doing so.

I refuse to continue this pathetic game you got going.

In closing I will say, it is nice to know what does go on in Lowe's Store's across the Country.

I do believe this is what you, yourself stated:

I was fired from Lowe's because I blew every truck driver I could. I would even blow the UPS guys.

The real Patricia Romansky

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