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my name is gerald martin, i am a contractor/homeowner. i am dipleased with the quality of you cabinet grade plywood and oak and maple lumber.

usally i would get coupons in the mail to offset some of the prices. but i haven't recieved not one in over a year. please respond to my complaint. thank you gerald martin, 332 shonnard st syracuse, n.y, 13204, i shop at the store in syracuse, but i use all of them in my area.

last year i spent between 15 and 20,000 on construction supplys. the service is

usally good.cabinet making is one of my most common projects, so quality plywood alond with router bits and saw blades are important.i think that quality responces are important to good buisness.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #647603

I would first like to say that as a non-Lowes website, it is highly unlikely that anyone that can actually assist you will be reading this.

I would contact 1-800-44-LOWES in regards to their materials they get. This goes beyond a store control, and while we will listen, please save your time and ours and direct it higher up. It will not make it beyond our store. If the bad quality is something new, I would contact the actual manufacturer and mention to them that their quality is lacking and is not the norm! It might be more of an inside error there.

As far as the coupons go, I can not help you with that. No one , at least not at a store level, can. They are sent out from our headquarters, or so I have always assumed, and no we do not have any in the store, nor do we have some kind of mailing list you could sign up for.

I only have received one in my 4 years here, so your guess is as good as mine!

P.S. Not to be rude, but the "I've spent _______" comment is really overplayed. While your business is appreciated, every single customer who has ever complained to me, has said that. It does not change the result. I personally have bent over backwards assisting anyone who has ever came to me, whether it was a $50 purchase or $5,000.

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