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It happened this morning. I start to power wash the side of my house and the power washer does not work.

I only used it two times prior to this and it was well taken care of. The motor does not fire up and it continually trips the breaker on the plug . I am not even going to try to call the manufacturer on this based on the response others have had with the same issue. Basically, From now on I will just go to Home Depot .

Maybe they care more about what they sell to people . Lowes ?....YOU'RE OUT !...And I'm out 150 dollars !

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Don't buy this product. Used rarely over two years, stored properly, dragged it out today.

No pressure.

WTF. What I get for going Task Force.


OH YEAH, same here. TWO TIMES!

First the GFI plug

played out....ordered a new one. Ran it for 20 minutes and the HOSE EXPLODED.

By the time I order the hose and add the price of the plug...I could have bought another one, but I WOULD NOT! TOTAL JUNK!


I bought a paper towel holder and it worked great for about a month. Then it totally fell apart and I blame Lowes for it.

Because of my paper towel holder incident, I will be shopping at Home Depot as well. Lol. Funny.

If you are not going to do anything about it, why are you complaining. You bought the cheapest product, what did you expect!!


What does it matter if it costs a dollar or a hundred dollars??? You got money to throw away like an *** then toss it this way!


Home Depot has a great return policy.


Taskforce, aka Trashforce is junk. Do your homework before you buy.


Your problem is buying cheap pieces of garbage from big box stores! Shop local and dont waste your money on an electric pressurewasher.

Water and electric? Sounds smart, right?


wow !'re a genius !


Yes, a genius! Wow!

Water and electric! Who would have known??? I'm going to sell all my vehicles RIGHT NOW! GAS and electric!

even worse!!! Derrrrrrrrr.