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I went with my mother to Lowes after conducting extensive research for a new dryer as our Roper dryer of 25 years had finally burnt out the heating element. After viewing several models and comparing them on Lowe's website I printed off the exact models I wanted to discuss with a professional in more detail. This is the first major fault in Lowe's customer service, when I went to the appliance section (6:40 PM on a Monday night) there was no appliance associate, instead a kind gentleman from the cabinetry section attempted to assist me. This well-intentioned fellow could not answer even the most basic questions about how the machines interfaces differed, what the difference between the models was etc. I should have taken this as my cue to leave, however my family needed a dryer as soon as possible and I attempted to ignore the blank looks of desperation as he struggled invain in an attempt to use his computer to compare models. This brings me to second major fault in Lowes sales process, it's computers or their lack of training the associates in their use (I actually know its a combination of both). We proceeded to select a model and after asking a myriad of questions about the delivery, extra insurance, installation, pick-up etc. I will point out at this point that at the end of the conversation I directly looked into this associates eyes and asked him point blank if there were any other fees that I should know about after I had him itemize the list of things to be paid. He assures me no, and I repeat the question again moving closer to him and telling him in both gesture and word that I DO NOT want to have to come back here. It will come as no shock that the next day at 9:17 am I get a call from a Lowes associate that need to come in and pay some additional installation fee or they can't install my dryer. Normally I would take this in stride, however this day happened to be my brother's graduation day and I literally had to race from the ceremony to the store in order to pay this additional fee.

These events in and of themselves are incredibly ridiculous mistakes, but it gets even worse. Jumping back to just after my telling the Lowes cabinetry associate that I don't want to have come back, I now attempt to pay in cash for this purchase. Super easy right, totally and incredibly wrong. It takes more than 45 minutes to figure out this apparently complex process to take cash for a dryer and takes no less than 3 associates in total to complete the task. If someone at Lowes ever reads this, ask yourself, what would you think? Would you believe that some kind of prank was occurring because the thought crossed my mind as the level of service was indeed a sad comedy that was about to grow even more unreal.

As I attempt to leave after my arduous ordeal to pay for an item with cash (please note the sarcasm that should accompany this statement), I see the same old cabinetry associate sprinting through the parking lot to tell me that they don't have my phone number in the system for the delivery, even though I just spoke to the customer service associate not 2 minutes previously using my cell number to identify the account so I could finally pay for my purchase in cash. Confused, I return to the store to give my phone number to the customer associate once again so that the delivery company can contact me for a delivery time slot. Upon further questioning at the front desk I discover to my surprise that the associate tells me, "there's a problem with the computers when you mark a phone number as a cell it doesn't save or capture the information. We've told corporate, they just don't care." If you're reading this Lowes, think on this and reflect on my prediction, this is genesis of your demise. You're own associates have lost faith.

The next day dawns and I make it to Lowes after receiving my 9 am wake up call from their actual appliance sales woman at 8 pm. They again ask me for my phone number and I think that this time the associate entered the number as a land line. The day of installation arrives and once into my parents basement the installation technician tells me in no uncertain terms that due to my copper piping for gas to the dryer he cannot touch anything, period. The reason behind this is that according to modern building codes a "black pipe" should be used to dispense the gas to the dryer because of it's higher pressure rating. Just so everyone understands I hold no ill will towards the installation technician and told him so, again I ask the representative of Lowes (they contract with this company to act on their behalf), "Have you brought up the issue that no one informed me that this might be a problem?" His response, "this is a daily occurrence, everyone blames me, but I don't have anything to do with it. I'm essentially just the messenger. I tried to raise the issue and they just don't care."

I understand now what your brand represents and I hope this statement of fact enlightens anyone who choses to read this. Modern corporations don't survive without impeccable customer service, Lowes is going to learn this and will fade into history as another failure due to bad customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Unprofessional customer service.

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