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We ordered an Allen and Roth vanity, which clearly states in the description that the mirrors were included. When we picked up the vanity at the store, we questioned the fact that the mirrors were in the box, but we assured that they were, even though not listed.

Upon getting home and opening the box, lo and behold, no mirrors. We called the store customer services and were told that we would need to come back in. The next day we go back to the store, only to be told that due to the manufacturer being closed, this was a Sunday, that they would have to wait until Monday to contact the manufacturer, and then call me back. Wait until 5pm on Monday and still no call from Lowes, so we call them.

I get the same customer service rep, who verified my order details again, says that she has to talk to the manager and will call me back. We are then told that we will need to call the manufacturer directly to resolve through them, and are given a number, although for the wrong department. After getting the correct number, and a short 5 minute phone call, I am told by the manufacturer, Allen and Roth, that the issues needs to be resolved through Lowes, as they are the reseller. Call Lowes store back and talk directly with the store manager, who then tells me that the manufacturer is wrong, and then goes in to the inconvenience that he will have to go through to contact Allen and Roth to try to get this resolved, and proceeds to tell me that he will call me back in a few days, which I tell him is not acceptable.

I then call Lowes main customer service line. The service rep that answers looks at my order and agrees that I should have received the mirrors. She also tells me how lucky I am to have reached her 5 minute before they close and then goes on to explain how the repair department would be the ones who resolve these types of issues and transfers me. Once on the line with the repair dept, they are quick to tell me that they only handle warranty work, and this type of issue is handles by their customer service dept, which is the same dept that just transferred me to repair.

and of course by this point, that dept has closed for the day. She tells me that, since I am so frustrated, I should just return the vanity.

When I explain to her the weight and trouble it would be to return it to the store, she then tells me that if I complain enough they would more than likely send someone to pick it up... So Lowes would rather spend their money sending a truck and 2 workers to my house to pick up the vanity and lose the sale and a customer, than to just send $250 worth or mirrors that were supposed to be included in the order in the first place.

User's recommendation: Do not purchase large ticket items online.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: 1801 S Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

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