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Our experience with Lowes is by far the most horrible experience of spending our money to buy something from a retail store. We placed an order for a counter top that the store is running a special on.

Right off the bat the problem started filing up. We were told that after we pay the down payment we would receive a call from the vendor within two days to schedule the measurement. We waited for week but no call from Lowes or the vendor. So after a week of waiting we decided to call Lowes to see what the hold up is.

Sure enough after we called the store, they told us that the paper work was sent to the wrong vendor. Fast forward to the scheduled date, the vendor told us that we are getting a different product than the one that we ordered. We stopped by the store, to tell the person why the vendor is telling us something different than the one that we are quoted for… So after all that has been said and done, we were back from square one of getting a new price because one of them screwed up the order. We were told that he (store personnel) has to talk to the vendor blah, blah, blah.

So he told us we have to come back AGAIN for the revised work order. So we came back and paid for the entire amount. A few days after the vendor called us to schedule the install date. We then asked the vendor of what we are getting, guess what!?

We were AGAIN getting something different from the one that we were told that we were going to get. Needless to say we were back to calling

the vendor, the store, the vendor, then the store again. Nobody knows squat! We pretty much talked to everyone in the store but the customers.

Nobody knows squat! I am getting frustrated just by writing this review, so I better stop.

By the way, the credit card bill came on time. I can't believe there is a department there called CUSTOMER CARE!.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Truth hurts, doesn't it??


@ RetailCop

The website is pissed consumer fool! Get a life!


Was it the vendor who made the error? I hate to tell you, life isn't perfect and *** happens.

Stop crying!! Just another self entitled consumer.


gain minimum wage help strikes. One group of fools contacting another group of fools. Then the circus plays on and screw the customer!