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I saw a product on the website and checked to see if it was in stock in my local Lowe's. I didn't have the product number on hand when I was in the store and tried to find it myself.

Looked in a couple of departments for 10 minutes without luck. I went to Customer Service Desk and explained my problem (saw product on website, it's in stock but can't find it). Her initial response was "without a product # it's going to be hard to find but maybe I can check website"). I told her exactly where to find it on the site but for some reason she didn't even go to the computer.

Simply said try such and such department (even after I told her I already looked throughout the whole store). That was her only solution. I would have appreciated ANY attempt at assistance. I emailed the corporate office with my complaint and was told a Manager was to contact me within 24 hours.

After 48 hours he did call but I wasn't home and he said he would call again the following day but didn't. I waited 3 days and contacted corporate again and this time was told my file had been "escalated" and a District Manager would call within one business day. That timeline has expired and I am still waiting.

No Core Values at Lowe's and the front line service clearly reflects managerial attitudes! I will stick with my local Home Depot where I have NEVER had a problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

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Her only purpose of going to the corp. office was to get someone fired because they could not tell what she wanted.


You're one of those people who will never get it. It's not easy to locate an item that is being poorly described to you.

Without the proper information it can be very hard to find. I work for a competitor of Lowes and we sell over 100,000 different items. Many being similar but different and in total different parts of the store. I cannot stand when some dumb@ss off the street comes in says I saw it online and that's all the information they have for me.

First of all accessing our online is not always possible and it looks different than the what a normal person would see sitting at home.

Based on the type of item it is getting you to a general location is the best anyone can do. However, you did one other thing WRONG DON'T ASK THE SERVICE DESK THOSE PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING, YOU NEED TO FIND A SALES ASSOCIATE THE PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS DEAL WITH THE ITEMS.


Exactly, never ask the customer service desk. They are cashiers, that's it.

They can basically point you to the department, but beyond that, they are not much help. Always have the item number. And sometimes, the stock at that store may have not been updated on the internet.

And complaining to corporate, seriously, the DM is probably giggling over this issue. A real issue is receiving the wrong product, not being to find one doesn't apply.


She would not need a computer to use the website if she had her hand held. A product number or UPC is how they would locate the item. She told you the department to look in. Unless you are elderly and can not walk, most people do not need their hands held to shop. At least make the attempt before you ask for help.

And So Sad is right...I work in a pharmacy, and for some reason people think because I wear a green shirt I know where everything in the store is. I know where most everything SHOULD be by using my common sense... Snack cakes? Look where the cookies are. Alcohol? Look where the bandaids are. Tampons...really?

People are becoming too lazy and dependent on store personnel to be their personal shopper. Had a lady tell me I need to come out of the pharmacy and show her where soap was. Uh, no. I do not get paid $15 per hour to walk you around the store. I get paid to count pills.