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August 19 2018 went to Lowe's for a snake for my drain in my shower I went to the section with the plungers and asked a Lowe's worker he responded he is new to the section and he doesn't know where to find a snake so after wandering around I asked another Lowe's worker who told me he didn't know where to find a snake for my shower drain either at that point my dad had already found a snake after wandering around for about an hour and it completely different section then where it should have been it doesn't seem like the Lowe's employees care at all about helping their customers find what they need working in that industry myself I'm very disappointed with my experience and I will not be going back to Lowe's or recommending it to anyone I know

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You will do well to stay out of big box, self service discount stores if you can't find products on your own. You are better off at a small hardware store like ACE. They will walk you to the items you are looking for, just expect to pay more for the service you get.


You can browse every aisle in the store in under 10 minutes. It took an hour?

Maybe your dad is just a ***. Sounds reasonable.


So, every employee should know where every single product is in the store, at all times.

That is on average 15,000 individual item numbers.

I hope you provide the same amount of perfection in your career, as you expect others to have in there own.

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