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Their worker stacked 4,700 pounds of bamboo flooring in a 6x6 square area....instead of spreading that weight around the home floors....and damaged the floor joists which started movement in the structure. The sent their engineering company who found no issues.

Our insurance company sent an engineer who found that weight did in fact cause structural damage. Lowes has refused to consider repairing our home and the damage is running around 12000.00. Lowes will have to explain their refusal I court and we are done with them. We have had a corporate account and been customers for 20 years.

We cut the credit cards up and will never buy from them again. We are not alone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Incorrect ! lowes does not contract out delivery of product this is done at store level not by the flooring contractor . Don't comment on things you know nothing about .


4700 pounds, that sounds a touch over stated.

Even if that were the case, that one room would need to enormous.

Bamboo flooring needs 5-10 days to acclimate to the area it will be installed.

Different rooms, different acclimation points.

So I think just maybe your floor was messed up and you found an easy person to blame.


Depends on the brand, some of the stranded bamboo with a high epoxy count can weigh over 70 pounds a box. So that's about 67 boxes, or a pallet and a half. Actually a nice sized job, but not unheard of, all it takes is a lazy installer, or helper who didn't want to disperse the product in each room, and yes, something like this could very well happen


Lowes contracts out the workers, and so your complaint is with the contractor Lowes does business with.


You still buy from LOWES and they are responsible.