Went to Lowes picked out carpet and paid $45 for an estimate that local competitors would do for free. Was advised by sales associate that I could get a coupon for 10% off by going to the local post office and picking up a new comer package. I did and there was a coupon you entered the number online and Lowes would return a coupon in 7-10 days.

After a week I dropped by the store and advised I was ready to go, but still had not received the coupon. Sales Associate stated he "would see what he could do " to accelerate the sales process.

He called back later and advised the manager had agreed to accept the coupon offer and await the coupon. Truth is he could have gone to his corporate website and looked up my coupon with my name and phone number.

Apparently he wasn't tech savvy because when I arrived at the store to order the carpet the sales associate reneged as the manager had refused to honor his original commitment. Frankly, I wouldn't have been PO'd if they had said no originally,but now I was pissed and asked to see the store manager. He was off that day, so they paged an assistant who advised" he was supervising a truck unloading and it would be a few minutes. After a few minutes, I told the clerk my patience was running short and she paged yet another assistant manager.

I explained my situation in heated terms and I asked for his assistance to see what he could do since this was my third trip to store . He asked if I was "done" stated he couldn't discount without the coupon in hand and suggested I go back to the Post Office and get another coupon.

I did and when I opened the Newcomer Package the coupon read expire August 2013. I wasn't going back to the store with a expired coupon so I called Lowes customer service.

They were very helpful, and found my coupon in the LOWES computer in 30 seconds and couldn't figure out why I had the problem. They called the store manager directly and advised me he would follow up within 24 hours.

I called back to Lowes customer service six hours too early and asked for a supervisor. The customer service associate "skated me around" and told me I had given the store manager the full 24 hours and didn't want to connect me with supervisor, but finally did.

It's 23 hours since my original call and I know where customer service stands at Lowes in Brevard in the toilet with the flotsam they call managers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Estimate.

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This guy is obviously an unstable individual. However, in retail you work with every kind of customer. Courteous and Not, it comes with the territory.

Why the original associate didn't just give the guy 10% off on his order or adjust the Pad price to reflect it is beyond me. Margin on Carpet pad is like 400%. Give the whining toddler his candy and get him out the freaking door.


You fail to mention that if you purchase the carpet install you get the $45.00 back off the purchase price. If you are going to complain tell the whole truth.


Too bad you can't talk to management or customer service rationally. Your first contact with management was your explaining you situation in "Heated terms" (your words).

Starting with a heated explanation of your problem isn't going to win any friends. Then you complained to customer service and were asked to give the store manager 24 hours to respond. You couldn't even do that and called back demanding to talk to a supervisor and are even complaining here before the 24 hours is up. I wouldn't call you back either.

I wouldn't want your business.

If you ordered carpet that took a week to come in, you would be calling in 4 days wondering why it wasn't there yet. No one need the headaches you would cause.