Detroit, Michigan
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In 2012 which was only a very small carpeted area so I thought I would replace it. It ends up being way worse than what it was before this carpet that they installed with supposed to cost $700 find it really cost $1,000.

It started creasing in the middle it was not installed properly I called 2013 and could not get any body to do anything about the problem it's supposed to be lifetime guarantee but that's on the carpet not on the installation not on the measuring. I kept on complaining sending pictures and finally in 2015 after I had to send them documentation that the rug was cleaned every 6 months would they come out and look at it. they came out and restretch the carpet but the problem came right back at the time I called them back and ask him to replace the carpet because it was too short for him to stretch it properly of course they would not do that. So I covered it up and didn't complain anymore I was so frustrated.

They were not going to make it right.

But now I look at it and say I paid $1,000 for this carpet coming loose from the wall that should have been a lifetime guarantee and I called them back and complained again and of course they said nothing they can do about my luck and I said give it to someone higher I really want them to make good I paid them good money and did not get a product that satisfied. The carpet should have been installed properly and last at least 10 years

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Carpet Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same exact issue with installation.


Do the right thing a refund or a new carpet with installation