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So I’ve heard an employee at the Ireland Rd store in south bend Indiana has been fired for that vague, never written policy of following a culprit out of the store to give a description to 911. No wonder no one wants to help anyone anymore. Sorry Lowe’s terrible policy and punished someone doing the right thing.

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No amount of merchandise is worth a employees life. It’s NOT about policy as much as it’s about putting themselves in danger willingly and putting the store at risk for lawsuits.

They do have a non confrontation policy which also states that you DO NOT FOLLOW A THIEF OUTSIDE THE STORE!! Amazing how you want everyone to pile sympathy on the employee “for doing the right thing” yet completely ignore that they put themselves at risk for death. Also your friend should be posting. You are posting second hand information which is hearsay.

Just because your buddy said they were fired for that doesn’t mean THAT was the only factor involved. For all YOU know your buddy had a list of write ups or corrective actions and this was the last straw. You can claim the business is mean and evil but face reality a bit. Your friend put themselves, the store, and innocent bystanders at risk.

If that thief had a gun and instead of running they chose to fire on their pursuers you would t have a friend anymore. When your buddy makes it to manager then they can flaunt the company LP policy.

Until then they MUST follow the rules of thier employer. Not the businesses fault that your friend chose to play the hero.


They had no write ups and were considered a good employee, was even considered for a management job. You sure have a negative attitude about people.

What the attempted thieves had was pepper spray, had already used it on a couple employees attempting to steal things, and the now fired employee was giving descriptions to 911 from a safe distance, so that they could be caught and not hurt other people. I guess we are all so scared of anything that doing the right thing is wrong now.

And no policy was ever related to the employee in any form. Now that you know that I know details of the actual situation and you don't, you could be a little more logical.


As you are not the individual involved everything you say is second hand information. If your "friend" wanted their story told, they should be telling the story, not you.


My friend didn't choose to play hero, was on the phone with 911 giving descriptions. The thieves had pepper spray, and already used it on other employees.

My friend was keeping a safe distance. She said no such policy was ever given to her in any form.

Too bad her manager didn't own up to the safety committee that he hadn't told her the policy, could have changed their decision. Probably too chicken to do so.


My friend wasn't posting anything because of the potential ramifications when looking for a new job. Quite bitter about Lowe's as are her former fellow employees.

it doesn't go over well when you find out you are an employee, not a teammate like they say.

Well that's OK, all companies are like this, and it is always best to do a good job and follow whatever policies they dictate, but realize that you are just a number and nothing prevents them from doing whatever they want. No loyalty breeds no loyalty on the part of the employee.


Of course they are employees. They are there getting PAID to do a job.

Lets face it terms like teammate and guest are just a bunch of feel good B.S. someone came up to make people feel good about the low wages they are paid.

Why can't your "friend" post? People would have no more of an idea of who she is than we do of who you are so how would that hurt her job search?


"So I've heard". What a way to start a post.

It tells everyone that you have no personal information about what you are about to post. How do you have any idea of what you are about to say is anywhere near accurate? Are you a Lowes employee and know what all their policies are and why they have a given policy?

As you aren't the employee, how do you know exactly why they were fired? If you don't have first hand information you shouldn't be making a post like this.


It's a good friend of mine. Got it right from the source.

I'm assuming you're a manager or representative of Lowe's in answering this way as well. May as well come clean, anonymous.


Never have worked for Lowes but know a second hand story is never as accurate as the version before it.


If you've never worked for lowes, and I got the story right from the employee that was fired, I'm not sure how you can be relevant to the conversation.


The right thing to do is to follow the store policy which probably isn't vague. Lowes stores have cameras that can get physical descriptions and not put workers at risk.

This may not be Lowes or any other company's primary reason for telling people not to interfere with thieves but these are the rules. They don't want their insurance rates going up because someone got hurt, misread a situation and now the so-called thief is suing.

It is not your job to deal with thieves. If you do the "right thing" expect to lose your position.


First of all it wasn't me, it was a friend of mine, and that friend was giving a description to 911 at the moment. You would think if it was dangerous, the 911 operator would have said what to do.

Also, a search of any such policy comes up with nothing. The main thing this event caused, at least short term, was shock in the other workers and a lot of resentment over how it played out. Also, the employee was not even given a chance to give their side before a decision was made.

I've been a supervisor/manager for over 30 years, and this is really a bad situation when you don't specifically deal with a policy before something happens. You just give everyone a bad attitude.


Are you a Lowes employee? If not, where did you search for their policy?


The former employee could not find the policy in the handbook, nor was told the policy during training or by a manager. Very poor system, especially for an otherwise good employee. Especially if the manager didn't tell the safety committee that the so called policy was not reviewed.


Isn’t this one of those things that gets you in the news.....I wonder how they’d enjoy that. Doesn’t seem to matter if someone’s doing the right thing, just quote whatever policy you decide to follow at the time.

Managers should be up front with this so that their employees learn from the start not to assist each other. Not fair at all.