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A few months ago I visited the Lowe's in Durham on 15-501. I expressed interest in purchasing (replacing) some wall-to-wall carpeting in our two master closets plus our adjacent linen closet. I was told that the person who schedules measurements would contact me. That never happened.

Several weeks later I stopped by the store in Pittsboro and requested the same thing and selected a carpet preference. I was scheduled for a particular date/time range through Legacy. The person never showed at the appointed time. After several calls and waiting on line, they rescheduled the visit for another day.

A few days after the measurements I received an email with a quote. I responded by email that I would go with the quote and asked to have the carpet ordered and installed. I never heard back. Several times I tried to reach the sales rep at the store by phone but there was never an answer. After another two to three weeks I revisited the Pittsboro store and spoke with the manager, who had me pay for the entire carpet/installation and was told that I would be contacted when it was ready.

On Tuesday of this week I was called by Legacy, telling me that the installer would be at our house the next day between 9 and 11. I live in a gated community and told the gatehouse to expect a Legacy rep to be coming in during the appointed timeframe. At 10:10 on Wednesday morning my husband got a call from the gate that someone was at the gate and wanting in. He told the gate to let him in...but right after that my husband got a call from a man who apparently was the installer. He spoke very little English and my husband had difficulty understanding him but something like he would come back.

I waited about 1.5 hours and never saw the man. I called Legacy and they tried to reach the installer with difficulty. After several phone calls and being tied up all day I was finally told that no-one could come out that day, that it was MY fault because the gate didn't let the man right in. That he had waited one hour and had to leave (not true..he was only there about 10'). I told him that the gate had been told that Legacy should have been let in...someone was at our house to receive them. The Legacy rep told me that it wasn't Legacy that was coming in but an independent contractor. I asked why they hadn't given me that name. I was told that they NEVER give the name of the subcontractor.

Now the purpose of the gate is to have a name of every visitor who comes in. I asked why I couldn't have a name and was told it is their policy. When I tried to explain that my husband couldn't understand what the first man had said on the phone, the Lowe's rep said "There are lots of people in this country who speak Spanish!" I explained that I had no problem with that BUT my husband couldn't understand what the man was saying!

Later in the day I got another call telling me that someone would come the next morning. I asked for a name and was put on hold 25'. Finally I was given a first name but they refused the last name. Why is that? Just make up a name, at least! (Are they illegals, not bonded, or what?)

Waiting another day was a major inconvenience because we had cleared our closet and were expecting guests and also many other things scheduled that day. The carpet is finally in and looks fine, tho now we can't open and close our closet doors, as the person who measured had recommended a thicker pad without mentioning that this would happen. Now I need to get someone out here to shorten the doors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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