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My name is Ken Friel, a masonry contractor working in the Murfreesboro, Huntsville area.

A few weeks ago we visited your store in Fort Payne, AL. When we walked in there was only one cashier with several employees around the customer service desk.

I asked to see the store manger. He came and when asked if this is normal, he said someone should have called more cashiers. The line was past the paint dept. with over a dozen waiting to be checked out.

He did not even offer to let us check out at the customer service counter, even though, no customers were present there.

We came into the store at Fort Payne around 2 P.M. (CST) and witnessed some of the conditions from our last visit, with not as long a line as before (8-10). The customer service lady was helpful when asked to talk with the store manager again, even ringing up our purchase.

When the store manager came, he did not seemed pleased to see me. I told him what was going on like the last time.

He was asked by me if this is fair? He said not according to you.

Let me get to the point. We will not buy equipment and hardware as before with such an attitude from your people. Why would we?

If you cannot have a reasonable expectation of a simple transaction; why would we risk a problem we might have with a high ticket item?

There was no provocation on my part. However, if you un-reasonable time out of my schedule, going to ask why.

In short.

There is competition. When a "manager" acts like a teenager, we'll go somewhere else for our business needs.

Location: Fort Payne, Alabama

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