Elizabethtown, Kentucky

my husband dropped me off at Lowes and took our daughter to Wal-mart and then he came back went to the lumber yard bought the lumber to build the deck loaded it came to find me and I am still waiting to get my paint .During this time I have had 3 salesperson to wait on me none finished what they started.So I go to get the manager he comes over to help out never tries to find out what is wrong with assisiting me he does 1gal of paint mixing for me . brings it over never wanting to listen to what I had to say.Is this how customers are to be treat. If so I will be more than happy to go to Home Depot

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agrees with no wonder, and what self respecting parent leaves a young child in another store while they shop at Lowes.


I work at Lowes in the Paint department and my customer is a family member to me. I treat them how I want to be treated.

I have found that not all the employees learn the same.

Give the guys a chance and next time do not wait till the last minute to go in and get paint mixed. It takes more than 5 minutes.


Employees follow the example and direction of their leaders (Managers). Don't you get it ...

they don't care about you.

They just work there. Hopefully, they don't change jobs and work for Home Depot.


I've had greate help from the people in the paint department at my local store in Wisconsin.


If you communicate with their salespeople like you write It's easy to see why they couldn't understand what you wanted.