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I have been a regular customer of Lowes for over 15 years and live in Elkhorn Nebraska which I consider part of Omaha. Anyway, I ordered $10,000 worth of flooring along with installation. This also included 6 stairs leading from the front door to the main floor. The main floor has been beautifully completed by Midwest Flooring. They were also scheduled to do the stairs which includes bull nose planks.

I have been waiting over 3 weeks for the bull nose pieces. The Lowes in Elkhorn has already received 2 separate special order pieces direct from the factory and they still cannot match the color correctly. This is after sending the factory a plank of the exact color. Ironically, they created all of the wood. Now since Lowes and the manufacturer can't get their act together, I was told by the Lowes inside sales manager today that they may have to install plain bull nose pieces and then have them stained, BUT there may be an additional cost to me....the customer! I am at wits end waiting for my stairs to be completed.

Next time I will NOT go to a big box store for specialty work like floors, but rather to a company that specializes in only floors and has material in hand! Sadly, you simply become a number.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

  • Huge delay
  • terrible service from manufacturer
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They could have just installed what they were sent and called it good. You are mucky they care enough to try to get a color match for you.